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We understand that recyclable packaging isn’t only an innovation, but a critical one, for sustainability goals of Europe and world’s future generations.


Mono PE Reels & Pre-Made Pouches

Polyethylene (PE) is a great material that’s easily available, easily recycled and cost-effective. However, PE has a low melting point and easily stretches. This makes it a very difficult material to print and form as a mono material solution. We worked over two years with our partners to achieve our goal to become a leading producer of mono PE stand up pouches. We developed our own PE film, which is more durable than a regular PE and we invested in technologies that make a stable production with this fragile material possible. We should note this solution is available also in high barrier. What kind of a food packaging converter would we be, if we didn’t manufacture high barrier plastic packaging solutions? Today we produce millions of these pouches every month and our material is certified “recyclable” by European accredited bodies.

Mono PP Reels & Pre-Made Pouches

Polypropylene has been around since 1954. It’s the second most widely produced commodity plastic after polyethylene. If need be we can convert it into mono material pouches and film. It’s easier to work with compared to polyethylene. Recycling of this material is also available in Europe.

Mono PET Reels & Pre-Made Pouches

Our mono-PET structure can be formed into pouches and film as well. Recycling of this material is best done chemically rather than mechanically, which can actively be done in the USA and the EU.

Feel free to ask about the recyclable retort packaging

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