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About Us


Transparency fosters trust, and trust is important for the health of every relationship. In our business, it is a must and it is one of Dilmanpack’s indispensable values.


We are very proud of Dilmanpack’s long term relationships. We focus on both the process and the end result. Our relationships with our customers during a job are very important to us. We are satisfied as long as you are.


It is very important for Dilmanpack family to be fair and equal at all times. Whatever the situation is, you will be surprised by our honesty and  fairness.


At Dilmanpack, we know, dynamism is one of the key roles to keep up with the new era. We are always moving, always changing, always listening and always thinking to make your life easier in packaging industry.


Its one of our key values for customers to prefer working with Dilmanpack. We always prefer to focus on the solution rather than the problems until we solve them. Then we can focus on the source of the problem and identify it, not to do it again.

Who we area

Family business Dilman Printing House Inc. has been in packaging business over 25 years and it’s moving down to the new generation, hence the new face: dilmanpack.

We are based in Izmir, which has an amazing multicultural and liberal community with a European mindset of industry and business.

Dilmanpack’s primary function is to make sourcing your packaging easy and enjoyable, while adhering to our core values.

Our business philosophy is “quality people = smooth business”.

We have a great range of packaging solutions and we are competitive at each category, hence our punch line: “Anything packaging”.

Feel free to ask us anything today at ask@dilmanpack.com.

We would be happy to help.

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